Energy Independence

Energy Independence

We believe in a future where the majority of the electricity we consume will come from clean renewable sources. Solar energy, along with Wind, will comprise a much more significant proportion of the energy mix.

Energy Storage will also be a vital part of this mix, with batteries being used by residences to store energy generated locally (e.g. via Solar PV) and energy drawn from the grid at low cost (via Time of Day tariffs). Along with self-consumption, some residences will also allow two-way flow from their batteries, enabling the Smart Grid to draw from them, providing rapid-access capacity in times of peak demand.

Smart Batteries and intelligent controllers will utilise dynamic tariff information to know when to charge or discharge, and from which source to draw  according to live pricing information.

In a future of pervasive solar, he who can store and keep the lights on (cheapest) when the sun goes down will be king.

Our work

Watch this space to keep abreast of the work we'll be doing to bring to market new commercial models for energy independence.

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