Energy Storage Batteries

Energy Storage Batteries

Residential Storage will be a vital part of the energy mix of the future, with batteries being used by residences to capture energy generated locally (e.g. via Solar PV) and drawn from the grid at times of surplus (and low cost). Some residences will also allow two-way flow from their batteries, enabling the Smart Grid to draw from them, providing the distribution network rapid-access capacity in times of peak demand.

Whilst there are many big names (e.g. Tesla, Sonnen, LG, Mercedes) already producing and deploying battery solutions around the world, each storage solution varies in terms of price, capacity, energy density/ footprint, charge & discharge performance and lifespan.

The UK Government has announced ambitions for the UK to be a world leader in battery technology, introducing The Faraday Challenge. Challenge accepted!

Our work

Watch this space to keep abreast of our work on energy storage batteries and The Faraday Challenge.

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